Elephant Ivory trade
Rhino Horn Trade
Animal Trade / Trafficking
Trophy / Canned Hunting
Fur Trade and #FURFAG celebrities
Shark Fishing / Finning
Dolphins in Taiji
Destruction of habitat
Dog fighting
Stray dogs Romanian Holocaust
Save Rhonny the Rhino / Namibia 
Slaughter houses
Circus Elephants
Animal Testing
Palm oil industry is destroying the habitat of many endangered species
World’s Worst Zoos
General / UNSORTED
Hacks and Leaks TWEETS
Canadia Seal Hunt
#OpFunKill while you were donating. The black species were declared extinct. #WWF like your money, to do nothing. http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/endangered_species/rhinoceros/african_rhinos/ …

#OpFunKill Did #WWF stop the extinction of this species? Yet you may have contributed money to a rhino campaign. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15663982 …

#OpFunKill Did #WWF stop the extinction of this species? Yet you may have contributed money to a rhino campaign. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15663982 …



ALL ANIMALS EXTINCT IN 21st CENTURY: http://youtu.be/wWFBbTkkn2E via @youtube #OpFunKill


Elephant Ivory trade
#OpFunKill perhaps you might think b4 buying ivory or endangered species products. You may contribute to a person being human trafficked.
Rhino Horn Trade
#OpFunKill future rhino trophy trading on the open market begins with this auction.Greedy parties want horn trade allowed & sell stockpiles.


#OpFunKill Money exists in South African rhino stockpiles & ppl hoping 2 profit frm this if trade is legalized.


#OpFunKill the ideal plan is to open up rhino horn trade to asia & existing stockpiles slowly sold off to keep prices high.


#OpFunKill control demand of rhino horn in order to increase profits & say its going to conservation. When it has nothing to do with conservation.


Animal Trade / Trafficking
#OpFunKill we may nt stop wildlife trafficking, the animal abuse & torture or even human trafficking. Yet we will open your eyes & minds!


#OpFunKill yes poaching, wildlife, weapons & drugs help in human trafficking as well. Everything melts into the other. They work together.


Trophy / Canned Hunting
Hunting for conservation is comparable to genocide for world hunger. #OpFunKill


#OpFunKill  Game trophy hunting is not conservation. Big myth/a lie. Killing doesn’t conserve any species it brings it closer to extinction.

#OpFunKill BS hunting is not conservation & it never has been. Conserve doesnt = hunting for fun & smiling about it.

#OpFunKill hunters are not conservationists. They are game killers with a smile on their faces when they kill.

#OpFunKill very few noticed this rhino extinction as game trophy hunting was not possible http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/11/08/africas-western-black-rhino-officially-declared-extinct/

#OpFunKill game trophy hunting is an elite past time. Only it’s not tennis or bridge. Killing 4 fun is not sport. It is barberic & cruel.

#OpFunKill @DallasSafariClb game hunting,poaching, human & wildlife trafficking are co-related. They co-exist side by side.

#OpFunKill my ancestors never hunted for fun. Also the rhino was almost made extinct by game trophy hunting in 1900´s.

#OpFunKill Game trophy hunting most money goes into private pockets. Govts get very little for real conservation. This is why species declared extinct.

#OpFunKill the rhino in early 1900s was nearly declared extinct due to game trophy hunting. Same happening now.

#OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/qYEVBEn4BL

#OpFunKill game trophy hunting attacts poachers they go hand in hand. Think about this.

Their life … Their Future …#Canned_Hunting : pic.twitter.com/WfAEvuE5NV

#OpFunKill: #truth #Psychopaths #Hunting pic.twitter.com/rvUP3bbnTg” #OpFunKill”

RT #OpFunKill “Hi, I’m the PSYCHO BITCH that’s teaches grade three children”  pic.twitter.com/WjXUg4Siyx Do you know who your kid’s teacher is?”

#OpFunKill This elephant was shot 11 TIMES before dying at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. HOW CAN ANYONE JUSTIFY THIS?!? pic.twitter.com/liTtwF5SpR

#OpFunKill This is how real Men shoot animals! pic.twitter.com/QXVZOt7Dn5″

Real men are kind 2 animals, no weapons 2 compensate lil dicks

#OpFunKill this is how some ppl have fun. We LOVE Trophy Pics!! See ours and send us yours! http://gametrails.org/trophy-pic-cliff-walkers-leopard-of-three/ … … pic.twitter.com/zqj4kXEceF

#OpFunKill #WWF ever heard of eco-tourism without weapons  #Nikon cameras,binoculars, rifle scopes & #Zeiss optics for hunting ? Guess not.

#OpFunKill yes adopt a rhino thats already dead. #WWF will fool you with sob stories till your wallets empty. https://support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-a-rhino

#WWF why are executives of an NGO paid such high corporate salaries ? If your saving the planet do you need a huge dollar salary? #OpFunKill

#WWF if you believe this organization is so cool. Check who its top officials are & their connections to the hunting fraternity. #OpFunKill

#CannedHunting does #WWF condemn this brutal & horrific hunting form? They actually condone hunting for fun. Saying this is conservation.

Lions  are declining at a rate of 5-8% per year, according to filmmaker and  founder of Big Cats Initiative, Dereck Joubert. #OpFunKill

The  founder of Big Cats Initiative was asked what he believes is the most  destructive force against lions. He pinpointed “Humans” #OpFunKill

Over the last 50 years, we have lost almost all of Africa’s lions – 95% have died due to human ignorance and greed. #OpFunKill

They  cannot hunt lions in the face of a crisis that is screaming towards the  ultimate extinction of Africa’s biggest cat. #OpFunKill

Kenya  has long since abolished trophy hunting in favour of protecting its  wildlife and has opted for ecotourism instead.  #OpFunKill

Zambia and Botswana took a united stand against hunting and have both issued laws against the trophy killings. #OpFunKill

Currently  lions in Zambia & Botswana will be safe from the legal hunt for  their heads. More countries need to follow this example #OpFunKill

Tanzania’s wildlife authorities support its ‘sustainable’ hunting practice. Shameful! #OpFunKill

South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe sell their wild lions to trophy seekers in the name of income and conservation. #OpFunKill

Hunting animals and conservation should NEVER be used in the same sentence. #OpFunKill

What  needs to be understood is that Africa is no longer overflowing with  wildlife, it is no longer prime hunting ground. #OpFunKill

“Roughly  25% of the lions killed today are from trophy hunters.” According to  Dereck Joubert, Founder of Big Cats Initiative #OpFunKill

The  mother lioness is shot and buried, while her cubs are smuggled into a  life of captivity until they are earmarked for a hunt. #OpFunKill

When  hunting and ecotourism are vying against each other, it’s not a matter  of a moral code, it’s a matter of saving a species. #OpFunKill

The shooting lions is sick and no longer defendable in a world where natural resources are on the brink of collapse. #OpFunKill

The  animals trophy hunters seek–the finest specimens–are the very ones  that should be left in the wild to maintain the species. #OpFunKill

Rhino pregnancies last 15 – 16 months! Kill a Rhino, there’s a good chance it’s pregnant. #OpFunKill

Three of the five surviving rhino species – the black, Javan and Sumatran – are Critically Endangered #OpFunKill

DID YOU KNOW?  Rhino horn has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine, but has not been proven to cure any illness. #OpFunKill

By November last year, 790 rhinos were killed in South Africa due to poaching putting the 2013 rhino death toll at 946!   OpFunKill

Almost 1,000 endangered rhinos killed in 2013 for their horns, up from 668 in 2012 #OpFunKill

Disturbing facts about Rhino’s http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/disturbing-facts-about-rhino-poaching-infographic/ #OpFunKill

After nearly 7 years of no sightings, the IUCN has declared Africa’s western black rhino extinct. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/extinction-alert-goodbye-western-black-rhino/   # OpFunKill

In 1978 more than 1000 Sumatran tigers in Sumatra.Thanks to deforestation/poaching numbers are around 400 http://edition.cnn.com/2013/10/28/world/asia/sumatra-tigers-endangered/index.html?iid=article_sidebar   OpFunKill

Poachers kill at least 40 Sumatran tigers per year, and the killing is made that much easier as their habitat shrinks.   OpFunKill

███▓▒░░ HYPOCRITES   WWF   wwf_uk SUPPORT Trophy Hunting ░░▒▓███PROOF—> https://twitter.com/wwf_uk/status/362665145949884417 … OpFunKill

Disturbing Facts About Rhino Poaching http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/disturbing-facts-about-rhino-poaching-infographic/ via   OneGreenPlanet   OpFunKill


Recorded number of Rhino poached in South Afrika 2000-2013   OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/Cj1Kx6T0TL

S.AFRICA 2012/13 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS ANNUAL REPORT https://www.environment.gov.za/sites/default/files/docs/environmental_affairs2012_2013_annualreport.pdf   OpFunKill

Hunting  the largest specimens of a species, subspecies or population is likely  to diminish it in size and survivability. #OpFunKill

Scientists  studying elephants have documented hundreds of cases of trauma and  apparent mourning when family members were killed. #OpFunKill

“Trophy hunting is an abomination, an obscene anachronism that is unjustifiable and intolerable.” – Alexei Sayle#OpFunKill

Trophy hunting is the stalking and killing of wild animals for ‘sport’ and ‘entertainment’ #OpFunKill

Since 1996, customers of UK and European travel companies have slaughtered nearly 4000 African elephants. #OpFunKill

Many  of the animals hunted by big game hunters are listed by the UN (CITES)  as at risk, endangered or bordering on extinction #OpFunKill

Millions  of pounds are raked in from British and European citizens who buy  package tours to Africa, North America, and Asia. #OpFunKill

Even  if the animal’s not endangered, It’s the sheer waste of life and a  likely cause of unnecessary suffering for the animals  #OpFunKill

It is both cruel and inhumane that someone can have ‘fun’ killing big animals #OpFunKill

Trophy Hunting risks pushing a large number of species into the endangered bracket by reducing their numbers. #OpFunKill

The  ivory trade began as a by-product of the commercial shooting of  elephants for ‘fun’ and elephant populations are now at risk. #OpFunKill

Each year, the United States imports more than half of all lions captured and killed by sport trophy hunters. #OpFunKill

As  the population of lions dwindles, with as few as 32,000 remaining in  the wild, we have a responsibility to protect them. #OpFunKill

Needless  killing of endangered species for trophies is inherently unsustainable,  ecologically unsound, and morally wrong. #OpFunKill

There  are an estimated 1,000 game preserves in the U.S., with some 5,000  so-called “exotic ranchers” in North America. #OpFunKill

Ted  Turner allows hunters to pay thousands of dollars to kill bison, deer,  African antelopes, and turkeys on his 2 million acres. #OpFunKill

The Black Rhino was poached to extinction? What animal is next? #OpFunKill ???? TRUE?

The Tiger is an endangered species: Only 2500 and declining fast. left #OpFunKill


http://ow.ly/s9Rrx The majestic Lion is on the verge of living in books only #OpFunKill

Stop Lion Canned Hunting: Animals should not be bred & raised 2b hunted & killed http://ow.ly/s9Smz #OpFunKill

I’m against Lion Canned Hunting in #SouthAfrica #OpFunKill

Stop Canned Lion hunting: Petition: http://ow.ly/s9SVi #OpFunKill


9. Fur Trade and #FURFAG celebrities
Each Year, approximately 50 million animals raised on fur farms around the world, will be killed for their pelts. #OpFunKill


More  than a billion rabbits are killed for their pelts each year. In France  alone, 70 million rabbits are killed every year. #OpFunKill


In 2011 over 3 million mink were killed for their pelts in the U.S, all in the name of fashion. #OpFunKill


In Wisconsin, farmers killed and skinned 1,050,580 mink, while Utah murdered 698,960, up 9% from 2010. #OpFunKill


Wild  mink instinctively range a territory of approx 741 acres. In contrast,  ranch-raised mink are confined to a 12” by 18” cage. #OpFunKill


Intense confinement can result in self-mutilation, cannibalism, and stress that weakens the immune system.  #OpFunKill


Cross-breeding  mink with natural mutations leads to defects resulting in deaf white  mink and pastel mink with nervous disorders. #OpFunKill

Farmed foxes are raised in small outdoor cages, exposed to the harsh elements of winter and summer. #OpFunKill

Fox  develop foot problems from standing on wire for months. In the end,  they are electrocuted anally in order to preserve the fur #OpFunKill

Mink,  which are very active naturally are raised in tiny cages, about the  length of the animal’s own body exposed to the elements #OpFunKill

Farmed mink are killed by gassing, violent neck breaking or poisoning; all slow grueling deaths. #OpFunKill

Worldwide, there are approximately 10 million wild animals trapped and killed exclusively for their fur each year. #OpFunKill

90  countries have banned the use of the leg hold trap because of the  cruelty it inflicts on animals. Still popular in Can. & US  #OpFunKill

The steel-jaw trap clamps  down leaving the animal to struggle for hours-days without food, or  protection from predatory animals #OpFunKill

Animals  will try to free themselves from leg traps at any cost – knocking teeth  out biting the trap and chewing off their feet. #OpFunKill.

Would you wear your pet dog on your back? So why encourage the wearing of baby seals as clothing #OpFunKill


Each Year, approximately 50 million #animals are raised on #furfarms around the world #OpFunKill

In France alone, 70 million #rabbits are killed every year for their fur. #OpFunKill

In 2009, there were approximately 300 fur farms in the United States. #OpFunKill

Wisconsin has the most farms (71), followed by Utah (65), Oregon, Minnesota, and Idaho. #OpFunKill

In 2011 over 3 million mink were killed for their pelts in the U.S, all in the name of fashion.#OpFunKill

In Wisconsin, farmers killed and skinned 1,050,580 mink, while Utah murdered 698,960, up 9% from 2010.#OpFunKill

The fur industry likes to claim that it a sustainable industry, even environmentally responsible, sometimes, even ‘green #OpFunKill

Mink, fox, and rabbits,en mass in fur factory farms, account for more than 85% of the world’s trade in fur.   StopAnimalCruelty   OpFunKill


Shark Fishing / Finning
With shark finning, any shark is taken-regardless of age, size, or species. #OpFunKill


Shark finning is widespread, and largely unmanaged and unmonitored. #OpFunKill

Shark  finning has increased over the past decade due to the increasing demand  for fins for shark fin soup and traditional cures #OpFunKill


Shark specialists estimate that 100 thousand sharks are killed for their fins, annually. #OpFunKill

Experts estimate that within a decade, most species of sharks will be lost because of longlining. #OpFunKill

The  massive quantity of sharks harvested and lack of selection deplete  shark populations faster than they can replenish. #OpFunKill

Local  waters are invaded by large industrial, foreign fishing vessels that  threaten traditional sustainable fisheries. #OpFunKill

Wasteful of protein and other shark-based products. Up to 99 per cent of the shark is thrown away. #OpFunKill

Shark  finning violates the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s  Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. #OpFunKill

Shark finning is contrary to UNFAO’s International Plan for the Conservation and Management of Sharks. #OpFunKill



#OpFunKill Australia switched from Whale Hunting to Whale Watching making $300M/y, far more than they were earning from drive fisheries.
Dolphins in Taiji
Because enough blood has been spilled. #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0


The world is watching. And so are we. #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

For every dolphin taken captive 17 are butchered #ShutTaijiDown #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

I urge the Gov. of Japan to #ShutTaijiDown #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

I support #Anonymous in the war against Taiji. #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

@JPN_PMO You were warned #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

The world has had enough. #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Tokyo2020jp The world is watching and so are we #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

@Seaworld is guilty for the deaths of thousands of dolphins &whales #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

I do not support the massacre of dolphins & whales #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Taiji is hell on earth. Enough. #ShutTaijiDown #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

The people have spoken #OpFunKill #Anonymous http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

SeaWorld supports Taiji by profiting from captivity & abuse #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Dear @FedEx stop transporting captive dolphins & whales #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Dear @AirChinaNA stop transporting captive dolphins & whales #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Dear @UPS stop transporting captive dolphins & whales #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

I support #Anonymous & their fight to #ShutTaijiDown #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

#ShutTaijiDown. Stop the killing #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

@JPN_PMO The world is watching #ShutTaijiDown http://ow.ly/r3F0H #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Do you visit dolphinariums? Take a look at this! bit.ly/OPTUeD  #OpFunKillhttp://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

If you eat Tuna, take a look at this! bit.ly/17vnnTH #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

@JPN_PMO The people have spoken. #ShutTaijiDown

#OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

We support eco-tourism for Taiji not a dolphins massacre #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

I want my kids to see dolphins one day. Do not hunt them to extinction. #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

Stop #Taiji from opening Marine Park to Fund Slaughter http://ow.ly/r3KIf #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0

@SeaWorld your dolphins come from #Taiji bloodlines: Guilty #OpFunKill http://youtu.be/xUAcqS35eE0


Destruction of habitat
#WWF support destruction of rainforest in Indonesia for palm oil plantations. Destroying willdlife habitat.


#WWF is being targeted for #OpFunKill as they are part of the corporate world destroying vital habitats for wildlife. http://animalright.org/en/wwf


Dog fighting
Dogfighting is simply a sadistic contest #OpFunKill


Fights average one to two hours, ending when one of the dogs will not or cannot continue. #OpFunKill

The injuries inflicted in dogfights are frequently severe, even fatal.

Dogs  used in these events often die of blood loss, shock, exhaustion, or  infection hours or even days after the fight. #OpFunKill

Other  animals are often sacrificed as well; dogs who are born “cold,” or won’t  fight, may be kept around to sic other dogs on. #OpFunKill


Stray dogs Romanian Holocaust
#Romania OUT of #EU !! Watch the daily HORROR in a country of barbarians!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqzVx4eNQJU&feature=share … pic.twitter.com/kzwnKcABCY


#OpFunKill Animal abusers, beyond evil. Shameful #Romania. pic.twitter.com/PCBw0dCLQU

#OpFunKill █ RT THIS █ Ask PM ▶ @Victor_Ponta ◀ to introduce ANIMAL PROTECTION laws in ROMANIA. █ THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU █ pic.twitter.com/o3BMfgbNi6.


Save Rhonny the Rhino / Namibia

On Jan 11 @DallasSafariClb will auction off prize 2kill an endangered black rhino “Ronnie” pic.twitter.com/UaCAi4t7XA #OpFunKill

#OpFunKill if @DallasSafariClb is so keen on conserving rhinos in Namibia. Then why not just raise the money & donate it? Why kill a rhino?

#OpFunKill PLEASE ATTEND this protest in Dallas on Jan. 11th against @DallasSafariClb auction of a permit to… http://fb.me/2tbwoxg5U

Brochure explaining the insanity of the #DallasSafariClub’s  to kill an endangered black #rhino. #OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/1r3xQ5Ju5v

RT ” @DallasSafariClb Black Rhino Hunt Auction Won’t Help Conservation

http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2014/01/09/black-rhino-hunt-auction-wont-help-conservation/ …#OpFunKill”

Please Retweet TWEETSTORM FOR THE BLACK RHINO TO BE AUCTIONED DALLAS 11/01/2014 https://www.facebook.com/events/482987665153206/483670508418255/?comment_id=483672128418093&notif_t=event_mall_reply …

RT #OpFunKill More proof trophy hunts don’t help conservation: http://news.sciencemag.org/africa/2010/08/hunting-conservation-backfires …

RT #OpFunKill Trophy Hunters – The Lies That Hide the Cruelty  http://technorati.com/lifestyle/green/article/trophy-hunters-the-lies-that-hide/

Fabrications from Dallas Safari Club. #OpFunKill  Far from being a problem, the older male’s behavior is necessary. http://bit.ly/1d8J4Qt

VERY IMPORTANT #OpFunKill #RonnieTheRhino “conservation” fact summary regarding Endangered species safaris: http://ln.is/www.cannedlion.org/qCxyi …

@DallasSafariClb it is not ok & game trophy hunting is nt conservation. No matter how legal one wants to make it. #OpFunKill

#OpFunKill @DallasSafariClb auctions rhino hunt permit in bid to protect species http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/08/us-usa-rhino-auction-idUSBREA071LC20140108 … … #rhinopoaching #rhinos

#OpFunKill we have ppl saying shooting a rhino will save all the others. BS ! game trophy hunting is nt conservation.

#OpFunKill 3 entities—CITES, US Fish and Wildlife Service, + IUCN support it  http://www.ammoland.com/2013/10/9-essential-facts-about-the-dallas-safari-clubs-rhino-hunt-permit-auction/#axzz2ptLhFBcd …  @DallasSafariClb

#OpFunKill the @DallasSafariClb Namibia rhino auction approved by IUCN http://www.iucn.org & CITES - http://www.cites.org. Barberic !

#OpFunKill here is an NGO org trying to justify the rhino auction.We shld perhaps choose a geriatric patron to hunt ? http://www.rhinos.org/news-room/texas-rhino-hunt-auction …

Government of Namibia admonished and two websites defaced by Anonymous over Black Rhino Hunt – Video ~ Techworm: http://www.techworm.in/2014/01/government-of-namibia-admonished-and.html#.UssVUTWWBHo.twitter …


#OpFunKill : Anonymous hackers threaten government of Namibia over black rhino hunt – VIDEO    http://news.softpedia.com/news/Anonymous-Threatens-Government-of-Namibia-over-Black-Rhino-Hunt-Video-414031.shtml …


Dallas Safari Club: Stop Auction to Kill Endangered Black Rhino. http://www.change.org/petitions/dallas-safari-club-stop-auction-to-kill-endangered-black-rhino?share_id=HSbqXreqog&utm_campaign=invite_page_mobile&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition … via @Change#OpFunKill

RT @Barbwir67302309: @DallasSafariClb Larry Weishun…yet another trophy hunting turd. pic.twitter.com/OT5WCStClU

#OpFunKill sorry to say but @WWF dont condone hunting. This why they go mute on these issues. Their patrons are game trophy hunters.

#GraffitiFor#RonnieTheRhino <3#OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/kJ3Ue64eho

Dead Elephant – 1085 Retweetspic.twitter.com/ngAzlaFFuM

Soon to be dead Rhino – 244 Retweetspic.twitter.com/aHGK2jqa8VSAVE #RONNIETHERHINO#AAR

#OpFunKill please steal this tweet and post pic.twitter.com/RgVLi1czVs


PETITION:Don’t Allow the Sponsored Sport Killing of a Rare Black Rhinohttp://ln.is/thepetitionsite.com/GPBf8 …  #OpFunKill

RT – EMERGENCY BROADCAST !!Ronnie the Rhino’s life isUP FOR AUCTION JAN 11TH @DallasSafariClb #OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/yWh56evN29

#OpFunKill while you adopt a rhino. Others are hunting them for fun with a smile. Auction to shot one very soon. https://support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-a-rhino

#OpFunKill nt many are aware that proceeds frm wildlife poaching & trafficking help fund purchase of weapons for conflicts, as well as drugs

#OpFunKill  We may nt reach the adults who stubbornly insists in their ways. Yet we can try to open the minds of their children 4 the future

#OpFunKill we may nt stop these but ppl will think twice b4 participating in such senseless kills for fun in the future. Especially kids.

With #OpFunKill we want the world to see what “really” happens on these fun & pleasure safaris & kills. Even if heard before.

#OpFunKill  Future generations may only see wild animals in films & books. When they are all gone, then we will not last any longer either.

#OpFunKill how long will this last? Canned animal & trophy hunts only boast a senseless killers huge “ego”. Its nt conservation,its selfish

#OpFunKill  No-one travels to Africa to visit a zoo or hunt for canned animals unless they are a hunter. “Wild” animals shld be free.

#OpFunKill teach a child to kill an animal for fun & they will grow up indifferent to killing anything or anyone. Killing becomes fun & ok.

#OpFunKill torturing wild animals in order to make that fun kill is a cold & heartless act. What if we were to be hunted in the same manner?

#OpFunKill If a game trophy hunter says he´s practicisng conservation. Tell them to stop conning u. It is unethical & immoral to kill 4 fun.

#OpFunKill Hunting is not conservation. My ancestors never hunted to conserve their eco-systems. They did it by not game trophy hunting.

#OpFunKill A camera! The only thing these beautiful creatures should be shot with.pic.twitter.com/W1ckeeHAS2

#OpFunKill just because there are those who support hunting does not mean this will stop our campaign. #ExpectUs!

#OpFunKill money laundered frm wldlife is used in purchasing weapons, drugs & trafficking women & children across borders.

#OpFunKill Focus on Hillary Clintons message not her person. Poaching & wildlife trafficking fund many crimes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_Jd7m4NUsg&feature=youtube_gdata_player …

#OpFunKill ppl pay to have the pleasure of killing a lion for fun. Wildlife belong in the wild not held captive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXVf4qjivHI&feature=youtube_gdata_player …

#OpFunKill not many know WWF was started by avid royal hunters. Who ensure hunting for game trophies continues. They protect hunting lobby.

#OpFunKill thats why game trophy pleasure hunting has to go. Laughing & chasing after a cornered wild animal is barberic & primitive.

#OpFunKill Very little of what game trophy hunters spend benefit local african communities. They say they do alot. Not true.

#OpFunKill Wildlife hunters,poachers,traffickers shld be aware. #Anonymous are on the hunt. Hunters become the hunted.

RT @OpFunKill how stupid is this? “@nprnews: To Save The Black Rhino, Hunting Club Bids On Killing One http://n.pr/JBRyT1 ”

Hunters of the World, we are #TeamDefiant. We have warned you, now you shall pay.  #OpFunKill. #AAR @OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/j6uLcqK5cM

@OpFunKill CALLING 4 #ARA TO STOP THIS SHIT! STOP THE #RonnieRhino AUCTION TO BE HUNT. http://bit.ly/1aieUrM   SHARE!

STOP @DallasSafariClb from auctioning #Endangered Rhino! SAVE #RonnieTheRhino! [email protected] @allanimalrights  @OpFunKill pic.twitter.com/NyxLT4DJcv

On Jan 11 @DallasSafariClb will auction off prize 2kill an endangered black rhino “Ronnie” pic.twitter.com/b4G23ZnsGr #OpFunKill

#OpFunKill the @DallasSafariClb Namibia rhino auction is made possible by CITES – www.cites.org they approved this barberic hunt.

#OpFunKill future rhino trophy trading on the open market begins with this auction.Greedy parties want horn trade allowed & sell stockpiles.

#OpFunKill Texas safari club auctions rhino hunt permit in bid to protect species http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/08/us-usa-rhino-auction-idUSBREA071LC20140108 … … #rhinopoaching #rhinos

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @RhinoHornLLC #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt @therhinopages http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #OpFunKill

http://bit.ly/1aCTmSZ SIX Rhino deaths reported 2014 13  total loss already send the Black Rhino DSC want to kill to SA #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @AfricaNewsWire #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @AfricaNewsAlert #OpFunKill

@PaulMcCartney #DallasSafariClub to auction permit to hunt endangered rhino Need support to save Go to Facebook #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt @AfricaNewsbot http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #DSCKills BlackRhino

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @BornFree #OpFunKill

Sold for a hunt – Endangered black rhino! http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @LeoDiCaprio #OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb DSWF are advocates for Rhino in Namibia  support them http://bit.ly/K1jxMc  #OpFunKill

http://bit.ly/1aErT3x DSC is helping fund  The Lack of success in conserving Biodiversity in African STATE run Parks #OpFunKill

You have two Rhinos @BradKeshapitt, would you allow yours to be shot due to age? http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #OpFunKill

@DamianAspinall, Please help stop this Black Rhino being shot http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #OpFunKill

Save a Black Rhino & sign, share and RT change.org/petitions/dallas… #OpFunKill

@CITESCONVENTION can @DallasSafariCib sell permit of Critically Endangered Rhino to the highest bidder #OpFunKill

@Dallasnews http://bit.ly/1aErT3x $1Million Factors Affecting the Success of Conserving Biodiversity in National Parks #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt @RhinoLRF http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #OpFunKill

Nashorn Jagd für Trophaeen: die Wirklichkeit: schockierendes Filmmaterial http://bit.ly/1gBcINa #OpFunKill

Eine Spitzmaulnashorn Trophaeen-Jagd: http://bit.ly/1cIpHaO #OpFunKill

Wilderei dezimiert die Spitzmaulnashorn-Bestaende, DSC sie will fuer deren Arterhaltung toeten http://bit.ly/1bLzfSu#OpFunKill

Nashorn Wilderei seit 2 Jahren gestiegen CITES:Trophaenjagderlaubnis seit 2005 nicht geaendert http://bit.ly/1a1jBmb#OpFunKill

@citesconvention Namibia Wilderei Statut braucht Klarstellung:Trophaeenjagd-Erlaubnis aufheben!  http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx#OpFunKill

@therhinopages Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt  http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f #OpFunKill

@citesconvention Namibia konfiszierte 37 Nashorn-Hoerner, benennt aber nur 4 Wildereivorfaelle http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx#OpFunKill

Trophaeen-Jagd-Erlaubnis: null & nichtig, wenn Populationen unhaltbar sind http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx #OpFunKill @citesconvention

@citesconvention Namibia legt nicht das Ausmass der Wilderei offen, wie vom DSWF angezeigt http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx#OpFunKill

@citesconvention DSWF: Nashorn-Wildhueter schon 100% abgesichert durch kommunales Programm http://bit.ly/KtyZRT#OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb ihr nennt es Arterhaltung, ihr jagt den Zuerhaltenden! http://bit.ly/1cU03Vf #OpFunKill

Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f @CNNInternational #OpFunKill

STOLZ auf Bighorn Arterhaltung – aber er jagt sie!! http://bit.ly/1cU03Vf #OpFunKill @DallasSafariClb

#OpFunKill Black Rhino to be sold for a hunt [email protected] http://share.d-news.co/GjeSv8f

@DallasSafariClb erschiesst alles, was 4 Beine hat! Lass “Gott” den Jaeger richten http://bit.ly/1cIKyuK #OpFunKill

@Dallasnews @DallasSafariClb.DSWF schon 100% aktiv in Nashorn Wilderei-Bekaempfung in Namibia #OpFunKillhttp://bit.ly/KtyZRT

@simonsam Please help stop the auctioning of an ENDANGERED BLACK RHINO to be killed by @DallasSafariCib #OpFunKill

Please help stop the auctioning of an ENDANGERED BLACK RHINO to be killed by @DallasSafariCib#OpFunKill [email protected]

@BBCNews The prevalence of Big Game Hunting groups make Texas attractive to Rhino horn smugglinghttp://dallasne.ws/19Qltnt #OpFunKill

@citesconvention Prevalence of Trophy Hunting groups make Texas attractive 2 Rhino horn smugglinghttp://dallasne.ws/19Qltnt #OpFunKill

Help save endangered Black Rhino from DallasSafari hunt.  #OpFunKill [email protected]

@CNN help to save ENDANGERED BLACK RHINO from DallasSafari hunt #OpFunKill

@CNN TEXAN newspaper reports Texas  emerging as centre for illegal Black Rhino Hornhttp://dallasne.ws/19Qltnt #OpFunKill

Meat is murder [email protected] so is hunting rhino Help save endangered Rhino. Facebook Black Rhino Rescue Project #OpFunKill

Poaching to outstrip population growth in 2014 http://bit.ly/Kz95wN DSC  to Auction  Death sentence  for one more #OpFunKill

Save a rhino @Oprah Help save endangered Rhino. Facebook Black Rhino Rescue Project #OpFunKill

Rhino Trophy Hunt the reality, shocking footage, http://bit.ly/1gBcINa #OpFunKill

A black Rhino Trophy Hunt http://bit.ly/1cIpHaO #OpFunKill

Poaching is decimating the Black Rhino, DSC want to kill for Conservation http://bit.ly/1bLzfSu #OpFunKill

Rhino Poaching stats have risen in last 2 yrs CITES have not changed the Trophy Permit since 2005 http://bit.ly/1a1jBmb#OpFunKill

@citesconvention  Namibia Poaching Stats need clarification suspend the Trophy Permit http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx #OpFunKill

@citesconvention Namibia confiscated 37 Rhino Horn but claim only 4 Poaching Casualties http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx #OpFunKill

TrophyHunt permit is null void if populations are unsustainable http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx  #OpFunKill @citesconvention

@citesconvention Namibia do not disclose poaching levels as indicated by DSWF http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx #OpFunKill

@citesconvention THE DSWF already have Rhino Ranger 100% covered by a communal programme http://bit.ly/KtyZRT#OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb  you claim conservation, you hunt the conserved http://bit.ly/1cU03Vf #OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb PROUD of Bighorn Conservation but hunts them http://bit.ly/1cU03Vf #OpFunKill

Dallas Safari Club will shoot anything that walks on four legs Let “GOD” Judge the Hunter http://bit.ly/1cIKyuK  #OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb @Dallasnews DSWF is already 100% active on Anti-Poaching for Rhino in Namibia #OpFunKill   http://bit.ly/KtyZRT

DallasSafariClub @trobberson  Ask Namibian Govt about communal Ranger Project Funded by DSWF http://bit.ly/1a1wwoa #OpFunKill

The Myth of Trophy Hunting as Conservation http://on.fb.me/1asF5bt #OpFunKill

Trophy Hunting does NOT help poor communities, 5 reasons it is NOT Conservation http://bit.ly/1hSz1hW #OpFunKill

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION http://www.change.org/petitions/dallas-safari-club-stop-auction-to-kill-endangered-black-rhino#OpFunKill

PLEASE SIGN THE 2 PETITIONS ON HERE, CLICK ON THE 76K FIGURE https://www.causes.com/campaigns/40512-stop-the-auction-to-hunt-endangered-black-rhinos/supporters #OpFunKill

The OLD Boys Hunters club, past reproductive stage, should look in the Mirror, Humane Society USA http://bit.ly/1bLPVcs#OpFunKill

Please SIGN, USFW Please do not ALLOW Trophy Permit into USA http://chn.ge/1lybG7Q #OpFunKill

@Dallasnews Hunters do not kill to conserve they kill for ‘Grand Slam’ and ‘Inner Circle’ titles. http://bit.ly/1kmLgb1#OpFunKill

@DallasSafariClb  SCI members have the Holy Grail lists over 1.100 species some extinct http://bit.ly/1kmLgb1 #OpFunKill

The Dallas Safari Club gives a $40k Grant to the Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation http://bit.ly/1dr8vI3 #OpFunKill

@Dallas-Observer UICN warn the African Rhino will not hold out for much longer http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@Dallas-Observer  the DSWF is already 100% active on Anti-Poaching for Rhino in Namibia #OpFunKill   http://bit.ly/KtyZRT

@Dallasnews @Dallas-Observer UICN warning African Rhino  CITES still issuing Trophy Permits  http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@CNN UICN warning African Rhino why are CITES still issuing Trophy Permits  http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@DallasTX_News  UICN warning African Rhino why are CITES still issuing Trophy Permits  http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@DallasTX_News Poaching has increased by 43% 2011/12 threatening rhino population’s http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@wfaachannel8  The world fights to save the Rhino DSC want to shoot for “Conservation” http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@wfaachannel8 the DSWF is already 100% active on Anti-Poaching for Rhino in Namibia #OpFunKill   http://bit.ly/KtyZRT

To enhance survival of Black Rhino Translocation is part of national conservation strategy in SA http://bit.ly/1a1YFM2#OpFunKill

Science to help the Rhino will be of little significance until Social Economic issues are resolved #OpFunKillhttp://bit.ly/1cJD1vC

Science to help the Rhino will be of little significance until political issues are resolved #OpFunKill http://bit.ly/1cJD1vC

“The last thing they need is the wealthy Elite coming in to kill them for their heads” W.PACELLE-HSUS #OpFunKill

“It is going to be a struggle for populations to keep up” International Rhino Foundation Nov 2013 http://nyti.ms/1eDfsrE#OpFunKill

High poaching rates have destroyed 2 yrs. of gains deaths will soon surpass birth rates @nytimes #OpFunKill

Corruption affects Trophy Hunting in Africa at multiple levels http://bit.ly/1eDhaZV #OpFunKil

http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1072625 [email protected]   please investigate sustainability of populations of the Black Rhino #OpFunKill

Most African State owned parks lack resources to census populations Quota are often guess work #OpFunKillhttp://bit.ly/1eDhaZV

Few Monitor the activity enough to understand the impact of Trophy Hunting #OpFunKill http://www.hsi.org/issues/trophy_hunting/
TX emerges as center 4 illegal rhino horn trade & DSC auctions permit 2 kill endangered rhino #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

#OpFunKill TX emerging as centre for illegal trade of black rhino horns http://www.dallasnews.com/news/state/headlines/20131110-texas-emerging-as-center-for-illegal-trade-of-black-rhino-horns.ece

Smugglers snatch up black rhino horns from Texas auction houses & sell them on black market. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

TX is rhino horn trade hotbed while Dallas auctions off a kill. @NPRWeekend @USFWSInternatl #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Fat Cat will pay big $ @ Dallas auction 2 kill endangered rhino & mount horn on wall. TX hotbed of illegal trade. @CNN#OpFunKill

DSC auctions permit 2 kill endangered rhino, TX illegal rhino horn trade hotbed. @NPR #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Legal trade can drive illegal trade, cautions USFWS @DirectorDanAshe #OpFunKill http://video.pbs.org/video/2364993861

DSC auctions permit 2 kill endangered rhino, TX is illegal rhino horn trade nexus @NBCNews #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Fat Cat 2 pay big $ to kill endangered rhino, drives up value of rhino horn. Is this conservation?! @ABC @nprnews #OpFunKill

Trade is global: 1) Smugglers travel 2 TX 2 buy rhino horns, sell them 2 dealers in CA & NY…  #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


2) Middlemen ship horns 2 Asia, where people pay big $ 4 fake cancer cure or party drug. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


Last year Irishman Michael Slattery pleaded guilty 2 smuggling rhino horns he bought in TX. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


In 2010 Slattery flew from London 2 buy MOUNTED BLACK RHINO HEAD at Austin taxidermy auction. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


Slattery part of Rathkeale Rovers, Irishmen active in organized crime, including smuggling. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


In 2012, Rover members broke into European museums 2 steal rhino horns. #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


TX auction house 1st refused 2 sell 2 Slattery b/c he wasn’t TX resident. #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


Slattery got TX day laborer 2 purchase 4 him. EZ 2 circumvent “legal” trade, drives illegal. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn


Slattery & 2 other suspects later sold horns 2 Chinese buyer in NYC for $50,000. #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Slattery apprehended by officers in NJ airport. Great job @USFWSHQ! #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Prevalence of hunting groups & auction houses in TX makes state attractive 2 smugglers. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGGn

Rare black rhino horn sells 4 up 2 $25,000/pound in China & Vietnam. Demand drives poaching. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Wildlife agency & Justice Dept R investigating others in TX in connection with horn smuggling.  #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

In ’12 TX rodeo rider Steffen arrested in CA w. over $300,000 & camera full of rhino horn pics. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Later searches found Steffen had $1 million in cash, gold & a number of horns. #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Steffen bought from TX taxidermy auction, hands off horns 2 CA associates who shipped 2 Vietnam. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Lacey Act prohibits moving endangered species across states & selling 2 out-of-state buyers. #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Violations can result in felony charges, fines up to $250,000 & 5 years in prison. #OpFunKill http://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

Steffen sentenced to 6 months in federal prison, fined $28,000. Too lenient! @USFWSHQ #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

@USFWSHQ @DirectorDanAshe Please don’t issue permits 2 allow killers 2 import rhino body parts! #OpFunKillhttp://dallasne.ws/K0EGG

The Myth of Trophy Hunting As Conservation http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi @USFWSInternatl #OpFunKill

The Myth of Trophy Hunting As Conservation http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi @USFWS #OpFunKill

Trophy hunters r no different than poachers. NO BLACK RHINO PERMIT @USFWS #OpFunKill

Trophy hunters r no different than poachers Protect this black rhino @USFWSInternatl #OpFunKill

PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] Tell her canned hunting IS NOT CONSERVATION. #OpFunKill

Trophy hunters are just poachers with money. It’s your job @CITESConvention to protect rare black rhino. #OpFunKill

TROPHY HUNTING = POACHING. @USFWSNews protect endangered black rhino. #OpFunKill

U.S. law says @DallasSafariClb CAN’T BRING RHINO TROPHY home from Namibia. NO PERMIT @USFWS #OpFunKill

Hey, @DallasSafariClb You can’t bring Black Rhino trophy home. Let him live! http://1.usa.gov/1iftVwl  #OpFunKill

Write to [email protected] SAY NO TO BLACK RHINO TROPHY PERMIT #OpFunKill

Don’t allow black rhino trophy into U.S. @USFWSInternatl NO EXCEPTIONS! #OpFunKill

Auctioning off an endangered Black Rhino is wrong. PLEASE INTERVENE @Interior #OpFunKill

Auctioning off an endangered Black Rhino is not conservation. IT’S POACHING @USFWSInternatl #OpFunKill

NO PERMIT for BLACK RHINO TROPHY at taxpayers’ expense. http://1.usa.gov/1iftVwl #OpFunKill


U.S. Gov. cannot be party to rhino poaching. http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi  DENY THIS AUCTION/PERMIT. #OpFunKill

Canned hunting is not an act of conservation. http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi  Do your job @CITESConvention #OpFunKill

@USFWSInternatl Canned hunting is not an act of conservation. http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi  Do your job   #OpFunKill

Canned hunting. Another example of the rich pissing away their $$$ #OpFunKill

Canned hunting. Another example of the rich pissing away their $$$ @DMagazine #OpFunKill

#OpFunKill Canned hunting. Another example of the rich pissing away their $$$ @dallasnews

Canned hunting. Another example of the rich pissing away their $$$ @DRChamber #OpFunKill

Black Rhino trophy will have to stay in Namibia. It’s the U.S. law. UPHOLD IT @USFWSHQ #OpFunKill

The conservation argument is flawed. Here’s why http://on.fb.me/1euEdGi  #OpFunKill

Eco-tourism beats canned safari on every measure. #OpFunKill

Dallas Ecological Foundation. SHAME ON YOU. Auctioning an endangered Black Rhino?! #OpFunKill @dallasnews

Dallas Ecological Foundation. SHAME ON YOU. Auctioning an endangered Black Rhino?! #OpFunKill @DRChamber

Despicable hunt of endangered black rhino. @DMagazine #OpFunKill

SAY NO TO THIS RHINO AUCTION http://bit.ly/1bLPVcs #OpFunKill

Hey, @DallasSafariClb why not invest in REAL CONSERVATION?! http://bit.ly/1bLPVcs #OpFunKill

The more rare an animal is, the more trophy hunters want to kill it. #OpFunKill

You Are Complicit If This Endangered Rhino Dies  @USFWSNews  http://1.usa.gov/1iftVwl #OpFunKill

You Are Complicit If This Endangered Rhino Dies @USFWS http://1.usa.gov/1iftVwl#OpFunKill

DSC Give Texas Parks & Wildlife Service record breaking $67k Grant http://bit.ly/KFDedM TPWD run a Hunting service #OpFunKill

DSC Gave Congressional Sportsman Foundation a $40k grant Ben Carter joined their board of Directors 2012 http://bit.ly/1dx8PF2#OpFunKill

DSC Executive Director Ben Carter on one of his hunting trips http://gametrails.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/P1010576.jpg#OpFunKill

DSC Proud to advertise a teaser Lion Safari for the ”Generations” Auction 2014 http://bit.ly/1aICjPt  #OpFunKill

@ColbertReport  DSC The four day Auction Catalogue of Death http://bit.ly/1dxarPh #OpFunKill

Ben Carter describes his Deer Hunt “it was a lot of fun” was his ending statement http://bit.ly/1iVMTuC #OpFunKill

Comedian S Colbert Rips into Black Rhino Hunters http://bit.ly/K7l17z #OpFunKill

WWF Send a letter of support to USFW for the Auction of the Black Rhino by DSC http://bit.ly/1hx2n85 reported 7th Jan 2014 [email protected]  #OpFunKill

Namibia 10 Rhino poached since2006 CITES Report http://bit.ly/JZa0Fx Losses unknown 37 horns recovered [email protected]  #OpFunKill

@Dallas-Observer UICN warnt, das afrikanische Nashorn wir nicht mehr lange durchhalten http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@Dallas-Observer DSWF schon 100% aktiv in Nashorn Wilderei-Bekaempfung in Namibia #OpFunKill http://bit.ly/KtyZRT

@Dallas-Observer @Dallasnews UICN warnt:CITES stellt immer noch Trophaeen Erlaubnisse aus http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@CNN UICN Warnung: warum stellt CITES immer noch Trophaeen Erlaubnis aus? http://bit.ly/1aC18wt #OpFunKill

@DallasTX_News UICN Warnung: warum stellt CITES immer noch Trophaeen Erlaubnis aus? http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@DallasTX_News Wilderei um 43% angestiegen seit 2011/12 und bedroht nashorn  Population http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@wfaachannel8 Die Welt kaempft fuer Nashorn Rettung! DSC will sie zur “Arterhaltung” abschiessen http://bit.ly/1aC18wt#OpFunKill

@wfaachannel8  DSWF ist schon 100% aktiv in Nashorn Wilderei-Bekaempfung in Namibia #OpFunKill http://bit.ly/KtyZRT

SA: Umsiedlung Teil nation.Arterhaltungsstrategie um Ueberleben d. Spitzmaulnashoerner zu sichern http://bit.ly/1a1YFM2#OpFunKill

Wissen zur Rettung der Nashoerner von geringer Bedeutung bis politische Themen geloest sind #OpFunKillhttp://bit.ly/1cJD1vC

“Letzte was sie brauchen:reiche Elite kommt, um sie wg.ihres Kopfes zu toeten” W.Pacelle,HSUS #OpFunKillhttp://bit.ly/JZRCfJ C

“Es wird für Populationen ein Kampf sein,weiterzubestehen” Internation.Rhino Foundation Nov 2013 http://nyti.ms/1eDfsrE#OpFunKill

Starke Wilderei hat den Zuwachs aus 2 Jahren zerstoert. Anzahl der Toten wird bald Geburtsrate uebersteigen @nytimes #OpFunKill

Korruption wirkt sich auf Trophaeen-Jagd in Afrika auf vielen Ebenen aus http://bit.ly/1eDhaZV #OpFunKill

http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1072625 @CNN Bitte ermittelt ueber die Zukunftsfähigkeit der Spitzmaulnashorn-Populationen! #OpFunKill

Meisten afrik.Staaatsparks fehlen Ressourcen z.Zählung d.Populationen! Zahlen sind oft Schaetzung #OpFunKill http://bit.ly/1eDhaZV

Wenige beobachten den Ablauf ausreichend, um die Auswirkung der Trophaeenjadg zu verstehen #OpFunKill http://www.hsi.org/issues/trophy_hunting/


World’s Worst Zoos
Lion found HANGED in the Zoo of DEATH http://allanimalrights.org/News-961-INDONESIA-Lion-found-HANGED-in-the-Zoo-of-DEATH-OpFunKill-AAR#.Us5-KUANFKc.twitter … #OpFunKill #AAR pic.twitter.com/8XbMsTXpNx
General / UNSORTED
@WWF this was your #picoftheweek in April. The #wolves could use your help today. #SaveSwedensWolves pic.twitter.com/jTZbLqjdaa #OpFunKill


If you support #AnimalRights you should be following #OpKillingBay and #OpFunKill – These two Ops are doing amazing things!


#OpFunKill warning to all animal abusers,poachers,wildlife traffickers,buyers & sellers of rhino & elephant products. U shld #ExpectUs!


Stand for Animals? Stand against abuse! #OpFunKill


No excuse for animal abuse #OpFunKill


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated #OpFunKill


Shooting a defenseless animal for sport is criminal #OpfunKill


Animals deserve the right to live. #OpFunKill


Animals deserve to live on this planet as we all do #OpfunKill


Hunting for sport is no different than raping for fun #OpFunKill


Nothing like killing an endangered species with a smile on your face #OpFunKill


If hunters have the right to hunt: We have the right to hunt them #OpFunKill


If hunters have the right to hunt, then they shall also have the privilege of being hunted #OpFunKill


Animals  get abused and killed everyday. Let’s fight for justice and fight for  what is right. Stop animal abuse and killings. #OpFunKill

The hunters deserved to be treated as equal. Hunt the hunters. #OpFunKill

Give an end to animal abuse and killings. Let animals be free and happy. At the end they’ll fight back. #OpFunKill

Justice is coming! Hunters everywhere and animal abusers everywhere you should have expected us #OpFunKill

South Korea exposed. No to dog meat. No to animal abuse. Stop eating dogs! #OpFunKill

“Glass Walls” Video by Paul McCartneyhttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ql8xkSYvwJs&feature=youtu.

If slaughterhouses had glass walls we all will be vegetarian. #OpFunKill

Animals can’t speak for themselves. We are the voice of the voiceless. #OpFunKill

How hard is that??
Say NO to trophy hunting.


Stop animal abuse and cruelty! Stop killing animals! Stop testing  animal!  Start respecting them and start loving them! #OpFunKill

Just  because animals can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t feel! They are  living things. We are their voices! Stop animal abuse! #OpFunKill


Support the Animal Registry for animal abusers (US): Pls sign & Share http://ow.ly/sa5ZO #OpFunKill


#OpFunKill Support the Animal Abuse Registry in US: http://ow.ly/sa5ZO


Support the Animal Abuse Registry in Canada: http://ow.ly/sa6lh #OpFunKill


We want tougher sentences for animal abusers: @MinPeterMacKay #OpFunKill


Support the Animal Abuse Registry in U.K.: http://www.caar-uk.org/ #OpFunKill


I support the Animal Bill of Rights: Pls sign & share http://ow.ly/sa6dF #OpFunKill


No excuse for animal abuse: support the Animal Bill of Rights: http://ow.ly/sa6dF #OpFunKill


Emergency Seal Appeal
More than 100 orphaned seal pups, due to the recent floods.
Canadian Seal Hunting


Investigations have found that hunters routinely fail to comply with Canada’s animal welfare standards #OpFunKill


Seals are often shot and left to suffer in agony and even being skinned alive #OpFunKill


The Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world. #OpFunKill


Investigations have found that seal hunters routinely fail to comply with Canada’s animal welfare standards. #OpFunKill


@DFO_MPO Reports confirm that 98% of seals killed are less than 3 months old #OpFunKill


A study from 2001 concluded that 42 percent of seals were being skinned alive. #OpFunKill


Harp seals consume predators of cod, killing seals would increase predator populations. #OpFunKill


Over the past 3 years, nearly one million seals have been slaughtered for fur #OpFunKill


@pmharper Reports reveal high levels of animal suffering during the hunt #OpFunKill


@pmharper The Can. Government themselves stated there is NO evidence killing seals increases fish stocks #OpFunKill


Canada increasingly stands alone in the promotion of the seal slaughter #OpFunKill


@pmharper Canada’s seal hunt is a cruel and inhumane slaughter #OpFunKill


@DFO_MPO Video shows seal pups being dragged unconscious with boat hooks #OpFunKill


Most Canadian people don’t want the annual hunt but their voices go ignored by @pmharper #OpFunKill


@pmharper As of 2013, 34 countries have banned the importation of commercial seal hunt products. #OpFunKill
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