Press Release (ENG)

Greetings citizens of the World.  We are Anonymous!
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For a long time now we have been watching with horror, the cruelty that some members of the human race seem capable of inflicting upon animals.  Issues such as trophy hunting, dog smuggling, animal testing, whaling, shark and dolphin fishing, destruction of habitats, inhumane slaughter houses, dog fighting, bull fighting, and the trade in ivory, rhino horn and exotic animals, and fur clothing.

Greedy corporations are destroying nature and the corruption of governments allow it. 99% of this is happening for one reason only.  MONEY!

Unspeakable and terrible things happen every second of every day while the whole planet is forced to watch, as these cold hearted soulless zombies cause horrific suffering and death to animals, both common, vulnerable and critically endangered species.

The time has come for Anonymous to stand united against such acts.  We say NO to these issues and it is now time to raise our collective voice, as a voice for the voiceless. It is time to say NO to the destruction of this planet and the creatures that live upon it.  

We have been researching, probing, scanning, and preparing to strike. Our targets have been warned and soon it will be time to act!  We are Operation FunKill; a united collective of operations, hackers and activists who stand together against cruelty.

There is no excuse for animal abuse, and now the animals will fight back. Judgement has been passed. U can not disperse us; neither can stop us. You can not kill a hydra by cutting off the head and we are like the shadow behind you, following your every move.

Every day we grow stronger as more people hear about us.  And as we grow our anger grows with us, as does our voice and our power.  This power will stand for animal rights and as long these rights are disrespected, we will be here, ripping through your servers, hacking, leaking, deleting and defacing as we go, spreading our message without mercy or restraint.

Like those who act against animals without mercy, we will show no mercy to you.  It is time to hunt the hunters!

This is not a threat.  This is a promise!  We are the new face of animal rights.  We are the final boss of the internet. We are Operation Fun Kill.

And we are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive!
We do not forget!
Abusers… Expect us!

That is all.
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